826michigan Programs & Publications Consent Form

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We are excited to have your student participate in a writing program with 826michigan! We’d like to take this opportunity to share a bit more about our organization and to make sure that we have your permission to collect different types of information as part of the program and to help us to improve our work. Together, we hope to make this the best experience for your student!

Who we are: 826michigan is a nonprofit organization and a chapter of 826 National network. 826 is the largest youth writing network in the country. We work with K to 12th grade students in under-resourced communities to support and grow their writing skills. We believe that strong writing skills are essential for academic and lifelong success and aim to amplify student voices.

Student Information: In the following pages, you will find consent forms and more details for the following types of information. You may choose to accept or decline each one. This will have no effect on whether your student can participate in the program. It only affects whether we will use or collect the specified information.

  • Publishing Permission: At 826, we celebrate and amplify student voices by publishing their work! We encourage students to share their work, which helps them grow more confident and take more pride in their work. By signing this consent, you give us permission to publish your student’s work. 
  • Film, Photography, Audio, and Media Permission: We like to capture what’s happening during our programs and to share these experiences with others through social media, our website, and other materials and sources, but never for commercial use. By signing this consent, you give us permission to use your student’s image and voice.
  • School Contact Permission: Information like grades and attendance can help us to better understand how we can best support your student. By signing this consent, you give us permissions to ask your student’s school for data they may already have on your student.
  • Permission for feedback: We want to know what your student thought about their experience so that we can better support your student and improve our program. By signing this consent, you give us permission to ask your student to complete surveys and assessments that measure their experience and writing skills.
  • Permission for email and mobile phone number collection and communications: We’d like to share information about upcoming programs and events and continue to engage with your student. By signing this consent, you give us permission to directly communicate with your student. This form applies to students ages 13 and above only.
  • Demographic Information: By providing this optional information, you help us to keep track of and better understand the different groups of students we work with. Individual information will not be shared. 

Once you’ve reviewed and completed the consent forms, we’re all set! We look forward to working with your student and cannot wait to read what they write. If you have any questions, please contact programs@826michigan.org!

1351 Winder St, Detroit, MI 48207 


By providing this optional information, you help us to keep track of and better understand the different groups of students we work with. Individual information will not be shared. 


For all permission and release information below, “826michigan,”  “we” and “us” collectively refers to 826michigan and/or 826 National.  The "Author" refers to the student participating in 826michigan's program. This form is an agreement between the participating student if over 18 or the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the participating student if under 18 and 826michigan.

Please note that although participation in 826michigan’s programs is voluntary, once this agreement is signed, it cannot be withdrawn and remains in effect even after the student/Author is no longer participating in any 826michigan programming. By signing below, you acknowledge that you agree to each of the terms and conditions of this Informed Consent and License Agreement, and agree to waive any and all claims for compensation from 826michigan, beyond a free copy of any book that includes the Author's Work.


This form grants 826michigan the right (but not the obligation) to edit and publish the Author’s Work (“Work” includes the student’s own writings, audio and visual) in any manner in any type of publication, media, or materials affiliated with 826michigan, now existing or which may be created in the future. Each student whose work is published will receive a free copy of the book in which their work is included.

The Author understands and agrees that 826michigan has the right, but not the obligation, to consent to the publishing of excerpts of the Author’s work in newspapers, magazines, online media, or other publications in order to promote not only your student’s work but also to support or publicize the nonprofit work of 826michigan and its partners and promotions.   

This is a non-exclusive agreement. The author retains rights to their work, and they can also publish all work outside of projects with 826michigan. Publication elsewhere has no effect on 826michigan’s rights under this agreement. The Author promises that the work she or he submits is “original,” which means that she or he created the work and wrote the story and did not copy someone else’s story or writing. The Author also promises us that if the story is based on real people and actual events, that the description of such people and events is true and does not disclose private or personal facts about anyone else without first obtaining that person’s permission in writing. We also ask students not to use any inappropriate language in their stories or other writing and not to write about incidents that may hurt, degrade, or endanger others.

During 826michigan programming, 826michigan may document the work of the student authors through photography, film, video, audio, or other recording techniques. Students agree that these images and recordings may thereafter appear in 826michigan publications, reports, film productions, websites, or social or online media platforms. This documentation shares the hard work of the students and more information about 826michigan’s programs and impact. No material will be used for commercial purposes. 826michigan may also wish to use this material in promotional materials (which may include 826michigan fact books, websites, or social or online media platforms) on the radio, television, in press articles, or other media about 826michigan, including partnerships and promotions benefiting 826michigan. These materials provide the public with helpful information about programs at 826michigan and amplify students’ work to a broader audience. 



For purposes of communicating with students about current and upcoming program opportunities and events, 826michigan and 826 National may collect email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers from students ages 13 and above. This information will be used solely for program, event, and alumni engagement purposes by 826 and will not be used for any commercial purpose or given to any third party. Students may opt-out of these communications at any time.

I have also read or reviewed the Author’s work submitted for publication and approve of its content.