ORTOP - FIRST LEGO League Challenge 2020-21 RePLAY Season Registration

This year, when you pay your Oregon team registration fee you will be paying for your team's participation in the 2020-2021 season*.  The fee has been reduced from what your team paid last year for participation in a qualifying tournament.  What does this fee include?  It allows one team to participate in any workshops, training and a qualifying tournament regardless of if event is held remotely, hybrid or in-person format.  We have always offered our workshops and training at no extra cost to teams but it does cost us money to create and host them.


The refund policy has changed as well.  We will no longer be able to refund your season participation fee once it has been paid.


*The exception is for State Championships.  If your team qualifies, there will be an additional $200 fee associated with this event.

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ORTOP wants to make sure all teams are able to participate in FIRST this year and has temporarily lowered our prices. If your team is able to pay the full fee, please do, so we can apply our limited team support to teams most in need. If your team cannot afford the full tournament fee, you can request a discount entering on the the following codes:
ORTOP25 - $25 discount
ORTOP50 - $50 discount
ORTOP75 - $75 discount

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