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Global Links Southwest PA COVID-19 
Community Partners Request Form

Thank you for contacting Global Links!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Links is supporting our region’s healthcare “safety net”, prioritizing front-line healthcare workers who serve residents of Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties. We are a non-profit medical surplus recovery organization.


Global Links is able to provide limited quantities of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to community healthcare and human service workers and their at-risk residents/patients. We update this form as quantities/sizes and other items are available. At this time, Global Links can specifically offer:

  • Emergency cloth face masks
  • Full face shields
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bleach
  • Baby diapers

Further details regarding each available product are provided within the application. Global Links may be able to provide small quantities of other related clinical and consumer health supplies by request on a case by case basis.

Organizations are encouraged to make monthly requests rather than attempting to stockpile supplies or make multiple requests in a short time frame.

Priority is given to non-profit organizations that are:

  • Free and charitable healthcare centers, including FQHCs

  • Shelters and emergency housing facilities

  • Human and social service agencies working with high-risk populations (i.e. seniors, individuals with preexisting conditions, individuals with a physical or intellectual disability, etc.)

Please let us know what your urgent needs are and we will do our best to help.
What to expect during the process
  1. Submit your application, including the e-signature at the end.

  2. In 3-6 business days after your request is submitted, Global Links will contact you regarding availability of inventory based on your request, to review details regarding delivery, and answer any questions you may have.

  3. After confirmation from you, Global Links will prepare your order and arrange delivery within 10 business days after approval.

  4. Deliveries are made Tues-Thursday, typically in the mid-late morning. 

  5. Drivers will arrive and perform a 'contactless' delivery. They will unload material outside the building but cannot enter any facility.

Completing this application and important info!

This form is 6 pages in total. You will need to provide information about your organization, delivery information, review and select materials for your organization, agree to a waiver of liability, provide an e-signature, and then submit your application. You can save your form and resume at a later time. Please note this is a request and not a guarantee of materials. You will be contacted by a Global Links staff member in 3-6 business days regarding your request. Depending on approval and availability, Global Links aims to distribute materials within 10 business days after the request is approved.
Click 'Next Page' and tell us a little about yourself! 

Legal note: 

Global Links makes no representations, warranties (implied, express and including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose) or covenants, and disclaims any and all liability, with regard to the manufacture, distribution and use of community made face masks or face shields (the “Masks/Shields").  The Masks/Shields are not FDA approved and must be used “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS”. Masks are NOT FDA approved and neither are they N95 masks.

Organizational Info

This is the main HQ address, you'll be able to select another delivery address if you need to!

Warning - you will get an error message if you select 'None of the above' and any other option!


Only count staff at the facility receiving materials!

Only count staff at the facility receiving materials!

Delivery Information

Delivery Contact
We'll still contact you first, but it's helpful to know if there's someone else we should contact to coordinate delivery details. This will also be the point of contact in case our delivery team has questions day of delivery.

If you're submitting for a second site, please make sure the name is distinct so we know it's a different place!

If you're submitting for a secondary site, please make sure the name is distinct from your main branch!

Delivery before 12pm, no parking lot, must unload on street, etc.

Available Inventory

Manufactured in a facility which produces hospital textiles and linens, the emergency face mask can be worn in environments where masking is critical but surgical masks are not necessary. The face mask should be laundered before use and can be re-laundered as needed.
  • The face mask cover is a non-PPE product and is designed to be used by non-front line personnel in settings where they are unlikely to encounter disease causing pathogens.
  • The face mask can also be used as a cover for N95 respirator masks to prolong usage.
  • The face mask cover is NOT intended to provide protection against transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Rather, they address emergency needs designed to help healthcare providers manage the extremely limited supply of PPE.
Emergerncy Facemask Demo

Temporarily available only in qtys of 150. 

Please note that mask colors vary from one case to the next and Global Links cannot honor requests for specific colors.

Note: We have an EXTREMELY limited qty of non-latex nitrile food service gloves. No exam gloves are currently available.
Exam Glove Example

100 character limit
1 box = 100 gloves
1 box = 100 gloves
1 box = 100 gloves
1 box = 100 gloves
1 box = 100 gloves
Limit 5 boxes/500 gloves
Abram's Nation Window Mask  Abram's Nation Window Mask Single
The reusable 'Abram's' mask is made of cloth/vinyl with an internal wire to mold over the nose and cheeks and is machine washable for multiple and/or long term use. Users must apply a drop of soap on the inside of the mask to activate anti-fogging properties. Colors may vary. Available in qtys of 25.

Faceshield Example 2
Full face  shield with elastic head strap made with 030 thick non-brittle clear material (PET-G). Non-FDA approved.

Face shields are available in qtys of 12 with a limit of 24 per request.

Global Links is able to provide both gel hand sanitizer in cases of 8oz bottles or 64 oz bottles. Due to limited quantities and delivery restrictions, hand sanitizer is limited to 3 cases per request

Hand sanitizer brand may vary, but will contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol and are manufactured in the USA from FDA approved facilities. 
Hand Sanitizer 64oz Example8oz hand sanitizer example
64 oz bottles are ideal for multi-person use, such as a high traffic area like an entry way or kitchen. 64 oz bottles include a hand pump.

8 oz bottles are ideal for personal use and include a flip top lid.
Limit 3 cases total

All in one cleaning and disinfecting agent that removes grease, grime and tough stains. EPA-Registered to kill germs on hard, nonporous surfaces. Eligible for use against SARS-CoV-2 based on EPA criteria.
Clorox Clean Up
This item is available by the CASE, with 4 128oz bottles per case. Due to delivery weight, we can only offer 2 cases per request.

Non-contact infrared forehead thermometers. Limit 2 units per agency.
            non-contact thermometer

Other Healthcare Supplies

Options will appear below

Briefs are typically 70-80 units per case. Global Links distributes by the case.

Global Links has a limited number of incontinence pads/liners available. They are available by the case. Qtys per case vary some, but typically have between 80-100 units per case. Limit 4 cases per request.

Durable wet wipes with a touch of soothing aloe for everyday clean-ups and incontinence care. Available in case of 12 packs. Each pack contains 68 wipes. Limit 1 case per request.

Diapers are available to partners by the case. Each case contains between 160-200 diapers. You may request up to 6 total cases and up to 4 cases of any one size. How many cases of diapers do you need?
Limit 6 cases total

Nebulizers are available to local organizations to supply to their patients. Each nebulizer is inspected, cleaned and meets Global Links highest quality control standards. Each unit includes one replacement filter, 2 nebulizer kits containing tubing and mouthpieces, and a user's manual and a pictogram instruction sheet. 
Nebulizer Example
Note: The image above is an example. The make/model of nebulizer unit will vary. 
Limit 1 per nebulizer! Will produce an error if you select more than a 1:1 ratio!

“hanks to the generous support of local foundations, our normal $10 program fee per nebulizer is waived until the end of 2021.

Nebulizers are only available to organizations with prescriptive authority.

Global Links has a limited supply of soft facial tissues. Tissues are made of recycled paper and eucalyptus pulp. Limit 1 case (36 boxes) per request.

Please include any items that your organization may need. Include relevant size detail and approximate quantity needed. There is no guarantee Global Links will be able to meet this request.

Waiver and Acknowledgement

Your request is almost complete! Two more things! 
  1. On this page, review the waivers and agree to them.
  2. The next page you will be able to review your order request and add your e-signature. You must add your e-signature and hit submit in order for us to receive your application. 
Global Links Waiver and Material Use Acknowledgement

Global Links donates surplus supplies, furnishings and/or equipment, for use in programs of assistance to the needy. Said materials are donated in "as is" condition, without any warranties or representations as to their condition, functions, performance, or safety. The recipient hereby takes full responsibility for their use and waives and relinquishes any present or future claim which it may have against Global Links related in any way to the use of these materials, including but not limited to economic claims based on performance or non-performance of said supplies, claims for personal injuries related to the handling or use of said supplies, and claims related to the subsequent distribution overseas of said supplies.  

The recipient further agrees to indemnify GLOBAL LINKS and hold it harmless from any and all third party claims and any damages, judgments, settlements, or costs related to, or arising from its donation of said supplies including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees. 

Emergency Facemask and Full Face Shield Acknowledgement

Given the circumstances, please understand that we are providing the Face Shields on an AS-IS, WHERE IS basis without any express or implied warranties (including those of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement), and you may not make any warranties to any third party on behalf of Global Links relating to the Face Shields or Emergency Face Masks or other materials donated. 

Please also note that the Face Shields are not intended to provide antimicrobial or antiviral protection and are not recommended for any infection prevention/reduction uses, radiation protection, use in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas, or other situations that would present an undue risk.  As of now, the Face Shields may contain some or all of the following body contacting materials: PETG; PET (such as PET SH82 or clear Mylar); polycarbonate (such as Lexan); stretchable elastic bands (which may contain latex-containing materials); and/or 3D printed parts. To the extent that the Face Shields include latex-containing materials, we will label the applicable box to that effect. 

In making this donation, it is Global Links’s understanding that you and any subsequent recipients of these Face Shields, Face Masks and Emergency PPE material will be evaluating the donated material and responsible for deciding if they are appropriate for use in each situation in which you and/or they use them, especially in any health care environments or for purposes regulated by the FDA and/or any other government or government agency. 

By taking, utilizing and/or further distributing these Face Shields and Emergency Face Masks, you are: agreeing to utilize and distribute the Face Shields and Emergency Face Masks only during this public health emergency and at your own risk, and you waive and release all claims against Global Links arising out of or relating to these Face Shields or Face Masks; and agreeing to provide the Face Shields and/or Face Masks to others under terms that include disclaimers of warranties and waivers of claims similar to those in this letter.