2020 Markoff's Haunted Forest Application

Contact Information


MHF Information
For 2020 we will only be operating a hybrid trail in the woods. We are not currently hiring for Front Circle, The Town, Belay Elements, or Maintenance.

Evening Hours - Begin at approximately at 5pm.  For 2020 we are asking staff to be available all 13 nights. We will be hiring a limited number of scare actors, and priority will go towards those who are experienced and can work all nights.
Information Regarding Employment
  • There is no guarantee that MHF will be opening for 2020, but we are continuing to push forward with preparations.
  • We are hiring a limited number of scare actors this season due to COVID restrictions. Priority will go towards experienced staff that are available to work all nights.  
  • Staff working at Markoff's Haunted Forest need to be at least 15 years old. 
  • Staff who are 16 years old and up MUST work all nights they are scheduled in order to be paid. Staff that are 15 will get SSL hours.
  • All Staff will be required to have their temperature taken before starting their shift, and wear an appropriate face covering while working.
  • Work hours begin at approximately 5:00pm and ending time is dependent on location working.
  • Upon being offered employment you will need to complete paperwork and attend a mandatory training.