About signing our statement

The Government will soon be telling the country how they are going to spend money over the next few years. We think it’s important they hear what children and young people think the money should be spent on but we need your help to make sure they listen.

We’ve written a letter to the Chancellor that asks him to put all babies, children and young people at the heart of their spending decisions. And we need your help to make sure he hears us.

We’re asking for more money on improving our mental health, helping us to find suitable jobs or apprenticeships, bringing back our local youth services, libraries and community centres.

You might think there’s other things the Government should spend money on too, so if you’re 25 and under or a parent of a baby/babies or very young children aged 5 and under, sign our letter to the Chancellor and add in what you think Government should be spending their money on.

Contact details


As you’re under 16, we need to get permission from a parent or carer so that we can keep your details on our database. Please provide an email address for a parent or carer and we will get in touch with them to check that this is ok.

Please read our ‘Privacy Statement’ for more information about how NCB protects the rights of individuals working with us. Information about the treatment of information of children, young people and vulnerable adults can be found under Section 7.  www.ncb.org.uk/privacystatement 
Thank you for supporting our statement. When you press submit you will receive an email from us with links to other ways to support this campaign