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Organisational Details
Main Contact Details
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Current Activity
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Full-time Employee
Please describe your current trading activity.
Organisation Rating
Please rate your organisation on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being very low and 5 being very high) in each of the following areas and provide a description of why you chose this score:
Growth Activity
Tell us about what you want to do.
This must be at least 50% of the total project cost.
Please choose one option from the list.
How will the funds be spent (from this fund)?
Purpose Amount
The following documents are required as part of your application. If you are unable to provide any of the documents sought, please contact us to discuss.
Governing documents e.g. articles of association
Certificate of Incorporation
List of Directors/Trustees
Cashflow forecast
Copies of last 3 months bank statements
Last full year financial accounts
Latest trading figures
Data Protection

This application form contains information that is personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and any applicable law relating to the processing, privacy and/or use of personal data,  and in respect of which the Key Fund and its funders are obliged to supply the following information:


·       Your personal data provided will be used for the purpose of administering this application and where applicable, providing finance by Key Fund.

·       Your personal data may be given to any relevant agency, Key Fund’s funders and auditors, internal or government department for this purpose and will not be disclosed to any other organisation for any other purpose other than in relation to cases of suspected fraud or where there is a statutory requirement for disclosure.


We may want to contact you for marketing purposes, to notify you of further opportunities and invite you to events organised by Key Fund.  We will keep your personal details confidential and will not pass them to any third party organisation without your explicit consent. 

[You can read the full details on our Privacy Statement at the following link to our website.]


Declarations (1): State Aid

I understand that my application for a grant package from the Key Fund is governed by the European Community rules on State Aid, in particular, that the grant package is a de minimis aid and that, therefore, my application must satisfy the condition of the de minimis rule. I further understand that aid that exceeds the de minimis limit is possibly illegal aid, which my business may be required to repay. I confirm that I have listed below the total amount of all forms of aid received by my business in the past three years and I acknowledge that the Key Fund will use this information to determine whether or not my application meets the conditions of the de minimis rule.

Please complete the table below listing any other State Aid (grants/loans/equity packages) received by your business from public (UK Government or European) sources in the past three years and tick the above box. The Key Fund will then be able to check the de minimis position as part of the eligibility assessment process.

Please note that at our discretion, as part of the application process we may require you to take legal advice confirming that any funding we provide to you further to this application will not breach the rules relating to State Aid.

Commission Regulation

(EC) No. 69/2001 / State Aid / De Minimis

To be eligible to receive certain types of publicly funded business funding and support, we will need to establish whether you can receive De Minimis Aid under EU State Aid Regulations.

Potentially any assistance you may have received from a public body might be De Minimis Aid. This could be from Central, Regional, Development Governments or Agencies or Local Council. If you are not sure whether any assistance you have received is De Minimis Aid, please clarify with the body which granted the assistance.

The Regulations allow the following maximum levels of aid over any continuous period of 3 fiscal years.

  • A general Enterprise can receive up to €200,000 circa £190,000.
Please confirm the amount of De Minimis Aid your business has been granted within the past 3 fiscal years:
Funding Received:
Date Received Type (e.g. grant) Provided by: Amount

Declarations (2)

  • We confirm that we understand the obligation on Key Fund to comply with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and agree to provide Key Fund with all relevant information for that purpose.
  • We confirm that we have all relevant regulatory consents for the purpose of the project and our business generally in place.
  • We confirm that we comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business.
  • We confirm that we comply with all statutory requirements concerning proper record-keeping, accounting and filing.
  • We confirm we will assist Key Fund with any requests arising from Key Fund’s regulatory or contractual obligations, including audit, Freedom of Information requests and State Aid compliance.
  • We understand that if successful we are required to submit regular monitoring and impact reports throughout the term of the grant.
  • We understand that as a Social Investor Key Fund Investments Ltd invests for social impact.
  • We pledge that our social mission is central to the business.

  • We understand that our application is made fully at risk and Key Fund are not obliged to provide funding.  Further, that the decisions of the investment panel are final. 

  • We will not materially change our social mission during the term of the Investment without prior consultation and the written agreement of our investors and principal stakeholders.

  • We confirm that Key Fund may search the records of our organisation, its officers and shareholders at credit reference agencies. Further, in doing so, we acknowledge that such agencies will add to their records, details of the search which will be seen by other organisations making searches:


    You can contact Key Fund for details of the credit reference agencies used. You have a legal right to these details and can request a copy of the information held about you by the credit reference agencies  on payment of a fee.

    Key Fund may give information about your organisation, its officers and shareholders and your payment record under any loan agreements entered into, to third party organisations such as credit reference agencies and debt collecting agents.

    Further, Key Fund may use a credit scoring or other automated decision-making system.

    By signing this form, you give us consent to undertake these matters.

  • We understand that, if successful, we will display the logos of Key Fund and its funders in our publicity material:

  • The application is being made with the prior approval of the Board:

  • We understand that, if successful, our application may be made public with the exception of any information I have indicated as commercially sensitive.

  • We understand that our answers may be used in response to Freedom of Information Act 2000 requests and these will be released pending further consultation with you.

  • The information supplied with this application is correct to the best of our/my knowledge: