Park Avenue Synagogue Community Covenant

Park Avenue Synagogue seeks to inspire, educate, and support our membership in living passion-filled Jewish lives. Through spirited prayer, study, observance, and acts of kindness, we aspire to foster deep connections with each other, our Torah, our God, the people and State of Israel, and our shared humanity. In practicing a Judaism filled with love, literacy, reverence, compassion, and joy, we strive to make our ancient tradition compelling and welcoming to contemporary Jewry and to serve as a light unto our fellow Jews and the nations.

Park Avenue Synagogue strives for excellence in all areas of synagogue life and is committed to creating and sustaining a vibrant, supportive community through the realization of shared spiritual and communal goals, both within our physical and virtual spaces.
בצלם אלהים B'tzelem Elohim/Created in the Image of God: Believing that each of us is worthy of, and should be treated with, respect.
כבוד Kavod/Honor: Celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity within our evolving community, including individuals who are differently abled, people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and all families of all different structures.
גמילות חסידים Gemilut Hasadim/Loving Kindness: Exhibiting sensitivity and compassion through open and truthful communication and actions.
צדק Tzedek/Standing Up For Justice: Respecting the personal and physical boundaries of others and showing zero tolerance for bullying or harassment.
שלום בית Shalom Bayit/Peace at Home: Following communal safe practices so that all members can worship, learn, and congregate in a healthy and safe environment.