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Minds Matter

2024-2025 Minds Matter Philadelphia

Freshman Bridge Program Application

To ensure that we reach the most dedicated and qualified students, Minds Matter has a detailed application process. Minds Matter is a meritocratic organization that rewards hard work, dedication and achievement. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability, or national origin.*

*We will not share your immigration status with anyone. 

Please do not ask anyone to help you edit this application. We really want to see your thoughts in your own words.

If you have any questions about the application, please email

Basic Information

Please use your primary email address that you check most frequently.

Demographic Information

Family Information

An email will be sent to this parent to complete their form to complete your application.


School/Academic Information

What extracurricular activities (personal, school, athletic, religious, community, etc.) have you participated in during the last two years? What positions (if any) have you held (e.g. editor, president, secretary, captain)? Be sure to only list ONE activity per submission (to add more than one, use the "Add Another Activity" button below). Please include family and community commitments (such as church, volunteering, work, babysitting, etc.)

What awards/honors (if any) have you received in the past three years?  Be sure to only list ONE award per submission (to add more than one, use the "Add Another Award/Honor" button below).

Short Response Questions 

NOTE: write your answers in a word document before submitting them here to ensure you don't lose any progress on your responses.

Short Response (Philadelphia)

Time Commitment Agreement
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