2020 CHINA Town Hall

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CHINA Town Hall - Additional Programs
This year's CHINA Town Hall will be on November 10 and will feature Ray Dalio in conversation with NCUSCR President, Stephen Orlins. As in years past, we hope our partner organizations will gather (this year, virtually) to watch the live webcast of CHINA Town Hall and convene a virtual town hall discussion either before or after the live webcast.

Additionally, in this time of increasingly strained bilateral relations, we have decided to expand this year’s CTH from a single night into a multi-night thread of programming, with a focus on speakers who provide a vision for sustainable paths forward in areas with potential for positive collaboration. Following our annual CHINA Town Hall event, we intend to continue the discussion on U.S.-China relations with a panel on each of the following three topic areas: economics and trade, health and climate, and society and culture. We will also host a panel of Mandarin-speaking Americans for our Chinese speaking audiences in the U.S. and in China.

We hope all of our partners will convene a town hall following this year's keynote event, and encourage them to convene town halls following any (or all) of the other programs that are of interest. The National Committee is only able to help our partner organizations identify town hall speakers for the night of November 10.  The full CHINA Town Hall week schedule is listed below. You may also visit our website for more information.

November 10, 7 PM EST - Keynote
November 12, 7 PM EST - Society & Culture
November 16, 8 AM EST - U.S. Perspectives in Chinese
November 17, 7 PM EST - Economics & Trade
November 18 , 7 PM EST - Health & Climate


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