Application: The Rural Welcoming Initiative 

Welcoming America is continuing its commitment in rural communities.  Through a competitive initiative, we will engage ten new rural communities in strengthening welcoming. Through technical assistance and coaching; complimentary Welcoming America membership; and access to ongoing learning opportunities,  participating communities will build inclusion and become part of the welcoming movement.

Immigrant community-based organizations and nonprofits of color are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due Wednesday, November 25th at 5 p.m. ET


What is “welcoming”?

Welcoming communities connect new residents to their neighbors and to local government, creating a climate where immigrants and refugees become deeply involved in their community and invest their time, money, and hopes. Being a welcoming community is about inviting new Americans to join in building strong and prosperous communities and resisting fear and division.


Rural Welcoming Initiative Benefits and Commitments

Information on benefits and commitments can be found here.



In order to be eligible for the Rural Welcoming Initiative, organizations must be:

  • A nonprofit or government entity working at the local, community-based level.

  • Population less than 50,000 in a city that is not considered a suburb of a metropolitan area.

  • Commitment to engaging immigrant and/or refugee populations in your work.

  • Intentionally using welcoming approaches to build community connections or understanding, including bridging divides between immigrants, refugees, and longer-term residents.

Learn more about the commitments and selection criteria here.


Forms must be completed by 5:00 p.m. ET Friday, October 30.

Award recipients will be notified by Friday, November 19.


More information on Welcoming America and its programs can be found at Questions can be directed to Molly Hilligoss (

General Information


You may add up to four more individual contacts from your organization 
Social Media Contacts
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Optional: Provide up to two letters of support from local partners who know your work. If you would like to submit letters of support, please send these to with the subject line “The Rural Welcoming Initiative” by the deadline of ) October 30 at 5 p.m. ET.

More information on Welcoming America and its programs can be found at Questions can be directed to Molly Hilligoss (