Complaints, compliments and comments form

Primary Ethics provides ethics classes to students in NSW government schools.

Complaints received by Primary Ethics will be investigated and resolved as set out in our Complaint Handling Policy and Procedure .

If you have a complaint, compliment or comment, we are keen to hear from you. You can contact us in person, by email, by telephone or by using this form.

In order to investigate complaints effectively and ensure procedural fairness, we ask that the person making the complaint gives permission for all details of the complaint, including their identity, to be disclosed during the course of the investigation. If this permission is not granted, we will make every attempt to investigate and resolve the matter and will contact the complainant if the investigation cannot be properly undertaken due to a requirement for privacy.

Please note that while we will attempt to investigate anonymous complaints, our ability to do so is limited and we cannot guarantee that information provided anonymously will be acted on, except in matters of child safety or where it may identify the need for systemic change. We cannot provide feedback on the outcome of complaints received anonymously.

Please set out your information as clearly and as briefly as possible

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