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On behalf of American Councils Placement Organization, thank you for your interest in becoming a virtual American peer for a FLEX or YES Program student! As a virtual peer, you will be matched with an exchange student who will come to the US in January 2021 on a competitive US Department of State scholarship program.

Virtual peers will interact with an assigned exchange student from October - December 2020. You will play an important role in preparing your virtual peer for their semester in the US by sharing conversations about American life, culture, and high school experiences! 

Virtual peers will receive volunteer hours for their work!
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Please note that American Councils asks for this information only so that we can connect you to your matched exchange student and ensure that all participants are communicating with approved virtual peers. We may share your contact information with your virtual peer. Please also note that students' access to technology and reliable internet connections may vary.
Please provide the contact information for one reference. This person can be any adult in your community (teacher, school official, employer, religious leader, volunteer supervisor, etc).