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Deadline: November 12, 2020, 11:59pm ET. 

Filmmakers may apply with up to two projects. Please fill out one application per project. 


The application must be submitted in English or French. Please save your progress as you complete the application. 


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An live info session took place on October 13. CLICK HERE to view.


The Hot Docs’ Citizens Minutes application is considerate of technological, social, and accessibility barriers to the application process. While the application questions are in English, the applicant may complete it in either English or French. The application process will be considerate of the applicant’s ability to communicate their submission; accommodations that can be made may include a video component. Potential applicants who require assistance are encouraged to request accommodation at least two weeks before the deadline date by contacting or 416 203 2155 x 255 and leave a voicemail. 


I certify that I:  

  • am the (co-)director attached with the film project 
  • am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident 
  • have read the guidelines and FAQ of the application


Hot Docs aims to be more diverse and inclusive and encourages directors who are Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and disabilities to apply. To help us measure and improve upon these efforts, we kindly ask you to respond to the following questions. All responses are anonymous, will have no impact on your submission and will only be used for research and statistical analyses. Please click on the below link to be taken to the survey. Once complete, please check the below box.


please include area code

please include area code

Director's Company Details

Secondary Director


Please do not put "Working Title" in the title of the project. We assume all title are working titles.

Do not use commas or decimals. Use whole numbers only.

Provide a brief, catchy summary of your story.

Give an overview of your story, introducing the main characters, potential narrative trajectory, and setting. 

How does the film show us a person or people trying to shift systems, large or small, to make a change in their community/society? How does it show us an example of how we can take action, whether it’s changing a law, raising public awareness of an issue, or mobilizing people to work together for change? 

Why is this topic important, timely, or relevant? Why are you well suited to make a film about this? Explain the cultural and/or social relevance and context for the topic, and the issues, themes, challenges, or questions your project will cover. 

This is the storyteller’s vision for the film. Describe the creative vision for the finished project – its look and feel. Explain your intended style and use of cinematic language, sound, or any particular artistic approach that informs the storytelling.  

Is this project a new idea? Tell us how you plan to or have already established: access to the subjects/story, and relationship to the community involved. If the story in underway in some capacity, please include any relevant information on rightsPlease outline any plans for consultation and/or collaboration with the community.  

Is it possible to shoot the story from December 2020 to February 2021 (not including post-production)? What considerations do you have in place for the health and safety of the subjects and crew?

Describe the anticipated audience for your project, including any underserved audiences.  
WORK SAMPLE (optional)

If available, provide links to any visual or audio materials related to this project such as research footage, audio interviews, photographs, mood board, etc. and provide a description of the work sample materials to help give a taste and flavour of the intended film. Please have it hosted on an independent website like Vimeo or Dropbox and include any passwords. Note the selection committee may not be able to view all supporting material and encourage applicants to upload the most relevant and succinct material, ideally 5 minutes or less.

Please ensure that your password does not change until December 2021.


You will be contacted by email about your application. 

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