Peaceful Pen Pal Class to Class Project

We invite students to make new friends through some good old fashioned letter writing! Teachers may sign up their classroom to take part in our Peaceful Pen Pals Class to Class project. 

 Please carefully complete this Peaceful Pen Pal class roster (only submissions using this template will be accepted) and upload it as part of the signup process below. 

To ensure we can accommodate your match, please double check you have typed the correct information in all fields. Thank you!

Teacher's Information
Please double check that your email is spelled correctly. Thank you.

Please note that the international postage fees will be higher and it may take longer to exchange letters.
Please make sure the grade level you select matches the grade level(s) indicated in the Peaceful Pen Pal class roster form below. Your class will be matched based on the grade level(s) indicated in this online form. Combo classes are accepted, but if you are registering more than one grade level, you will need to upload multiple Class Roster Forms below.

School Address
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