Pathway Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering for Linked Learning certification. This form is for registering pathways new to Linked Learning certification. Only one form per pathway is needed.
By completing this form, you are indicating that your pathway would like to be a candidate for certification. You will receive instructions for accessing the certification portal once your pathway has been verified by the Linked Learning Alliance, typically within 48 hours. Please note that there is a one-time $59 registration fee. Once we've verified your pathway you will be asked to provide billing information. Individuals associated with a pathways previously certified through Linked Learning should contact their pathway lead for login information.
We look forward to supporting you in your journey. For general inquiries regarding certification, please email

Please use your school's full name including, and not abbreviations

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Please provide the primary contact information for this pathway. Once the Linked Learning Alliance approves you as an “Applicant,” this contact will receive an email with instructions to access the certification portal.

Only the certification lead needs to fill out this form. Other pathway team members will be given access via the certification portal.