NTN Planning Worksheet

Welcome to your first step in creating a customized plan for school transformation! Please select from the services below and a member of our District and School Development team will respond with your planning agreement.

For more information on our services or assistance filling out this worksheet, please email Nick Kappelhof at nkappelhof@newtechnetwork.org

NTN Planning Services:

Building Awareness and Assessing Readiness Services
Steps school and district teams can make to learn more about the NTN model.

Planning Services for Implementation
Standard planning services for an NTN school implementation includes all of the following services.

School Design and Implementation Coaching Support

Ongoing Planning support (virtual) from NTN Director of District and School Development and access to NTN planning resources.

Planning and Implementation Support Check-Ins

Monthly 1:1 planning calls with the school leadership team and stakeholders to build readiness toward NTN implementation.

Readiness Service

An onsite visit from an NTN Director of School Development to engage stakeholders, raise awareness, and assess readiness toward implementing the NTN Model. 

 Planning Accelerators and Expansion Services
Workshops to jump-start an NTN implementation.

Total Planning Services Estimate ($)
Contact Information
For technical support with worksheet or submission,
contact Lisa Caldwell at lcaldwell@newtechnetwork.org or 707-253-6950.
Pricing - NTN Services Price Book