IOCDF Training Institute Faculty Application

The IOCDF is now accepting applications for new faculty members to teach in its Training Institute programs, including the Behavior Therapy Training Institute  (BTTI), Online Consultation Groups, and the IOCDF Webinars.

Applicants should have a minimum of 7 years experience of at least half time treating individuals with OCD and/or related disorders in order to qualify. Applicants will be asked to submit information on various trainings they have taken on OCD and/or related disorders, as well as presentations and trainings they have given on these topics.

Please complete the application below and upload a copy of your curriculum vita. Applications will be reviewed by the IOCDF Training Institute Committee, comprised of IOCDF Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board members, once a year - from February through April of a given year.  Applicants will receive a response in May of a given year.  Accepted faculty will receive honoraria for their participation in these programs.

Please email with any questions. Thank you!

Your responses to these questions, 
should you choose to answer, provide more specific demographic information about our Training Institute faculty applicants.  Your answers will help the IOCDF to create a Training Institute faculty that reflects our diverse OCD community.


For the following questions, please check anything you identify as a specialty of yours (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY WITHIN EACH CATEGORY, note that it is fine to not have a selection within a given category):

Please answer all the questions below to the best of your ability: