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This application must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm, December 1.


Participation in each Leadership Hendricks County (LHC) class is limited, and we have learned that our classes are most successful when they represent a balanced geographic and demographic cross section of Hendricks County.  Applications are reviewed by a selection committee using a point system, without considering the identity or employer of individual applicants.  The selection committee uses this application as its sole source of information about you, so it is in your best interest to answer questions carefully and thoroughly.  If you are not selected for this year's class, it is not a negative statement about you or your accomplishments.  We encourage applicants who are not chosen to apply again for future classes.  Participants must live or work in Hendricks County.  The two primary reasons applicants are not selected are the quality of the application and the desire to have cross-section of the county and occupations.


Leadership Hendricks County, Inc. is a year-long seminar program designed to identify, educate, motivate and develop a select group of area citizens for positions of community leadership.  Participants are selected on the basis of ability, leadership potential and demonstrated interest in the community.  Please see the LHC Adult Program Policies at www.LeadershipHendricksCounty.org for additional information.

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Tuition for Leadership Hendricks County is $1,200.  Financial assistance is available with preference given to nonprofits, government agencies and small business owners.  Any requests for financial assistance will be kept confidential.

Who should the tuition invoice be sent to?


I have reviewed the LHC Adult Program Operating Policies (found at www.LeadershipHendricksCounty.org) and understand the Participant Commitment as stated on pages 5-6. 

I understand that successful completion of this program requires complete attendance at the overnight opening and closing retreat and at least seven of the nine monthly sessions. In addition, active participation in a Capstone Project WILL require additional meetings.  This agreement warrants that, if my application is accepted, I will be able to devote the time and financial resources required to accept placement into this year's class.  I also understand that successful applicants are responsible for the tuition of $1,200.  I agree not to hold Leadership Hendricks County, Inc. legally liable for any injuries or illness received during my participation, and give my permission for photographs and videos taken of me during LHC activities as well as any quotations I give, to be used for public relations and marketing efforts on behalf of LHC.

Participation in each annual Leadership Hendricks County class is limited and based on a thorough, well-written application. The organization strives to select a balanced geographic and demographic cross-section of Hendricks County from among all qualified applicants. Candidates who are not selected are encouraged to apply for future classes. 

Questions?  Visit www.leadershiphendrickscounty.org, call 317-718-6075 or email gholtman@leadershiphendrickscounty.org.