Help us design a new outdoor market in Brooklyn Center!

Alatus, a local developer, is building new housing near the corner of Shingle Creek Parkway and Bass Lake Road, where Brookdale Square and Brookdale Ford used to be. This is a first step in transforming this area into a vibrant downtown for Brooklyn Center. Along with new housing, this building will include an indoor “incubator” space to support new businesses and an outdoor market. We’d love your ideas on how to make this outdoor market a treasured part of the Brooklyn Center community.
Building Diagram
Here is a simplified map of the proposed building. It shows housing in blue and the new incubator space in purple. The questions in this survey will address the orange Outdoor Market Plaza space. The Market may also expand into the Pop-up Street Market.

What would you like to buy at the market?

When would you come to this market?

In addition to an outdoor market, there will be space for other activities. Which of these activities would you also like to see? (Pick your top 3 activities).

1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice

Here are photos of different outdoor markets from around the world. Would you like to see these kind of spaces in Brooklyn Center? Please explain why you feel this way, using examples, such as "I like this environment because it is colorful and open."

Tijuana Market

Santa Monica street market

Lagos street market

Paris Produce Market

Midtown Farmer's Market

What else would you like to tell us?

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Thank you for your time! If you leave your name and contact information, we'll enter you to win a $50 gift card to a Brooklyn Center restaurant.