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Attention Baltimore Raven Fans!!

Register to be selected for a Campbell's Chunky and Baltimore Ravens Homegating Kit for select Ravens Games this season.

Tell us the history behind your Baltimore Ravens fandom and your commitment to the #Ravens Flock! We also want to know why this Homegating Kit would be special for you and your family.

We are looking for legitimate Raven Fans that will be comfortable being highlighted on Ravens' social media and providing the information below if selected:

  • Use of Family Name – i.e. the ‘Smith Family from Bethesda, MD’ 

  • Mention of Military Service Connection

  • Able to Accept Larger Packages at Home   

  • Submitting A Family Photo and Video On Ravens Game-Day with the Contents of Homegating Kit  

    • Photo/Video Should Be High Quality/Resolution (most iPhone content qualifies) 

    • Campbell’s and Ravens Branding Should Be Prominent in Photo

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