Flipping the Script: Prioritizing the Autistic Voice in the Understanding of Scripting as "Key to Autistic Identity" 11.9.20

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Matrix welcomes back Dr. Colleen Arnold to discuss the results of her doctoral research on how scripting (or delayed echolalia) is beneficial to autistic* individuals, specifically in the area of communication. 

Dr. Colleen Arnold will be presenting the results of her original research, which looked to understand how scripting (or delayed echolalia) is beneficial to autistic* individuals, specifically in the area of communication.

Her research prioritizes the autistic voice in understanding what strategies and supports can be used by communication partners in order to more successfully navigate meaningful relationships.

The research also looks at the evolution of scripting over time and the barriers that are faced when communication styles differ. The study was framed by the neurodiversity model and analyzes the barriers that impact accessibility for the disabled population, which can result in exclusion and discrimination.

* Dr. Arnold uses identity-first language throughout her work in an effort to respect the autism community based on the arguments presented by Brown, 2015.

When: Monday, November 9, 2020

Event time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Where: Online via ZOOM

This discussion takes place on zoom. Once you register, you will receive an invitation and instructions.

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