EPP's Common Application

We are moving towards a common application to support your experience as a user by streamlining the process, while also supporting your ability to confirm and update information that you have previously provided to EPP. Through a continuous improvement process, we are working to minimize how many times you have to enter information. Please be sure to review the information previously provided and update as appropriate. Thank you for being part of our compassionate community and supporting this project.

For the best experience it is recommended that you use a device with a physical keyboard and full screen to fill out this form.



Applicants under 18 will be required to have parental consent.


EPP’s core value of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging is at the heart of our work to make our compassionate curriculum available to people from all backgrounds. We are committed to prioritizing applications from those who have historically not had access to programs such as ours, including those who have been touched by incarceration and BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) individuals. We are also committed to creating a community where everyone is affirmed in who they are. The following optional questions further support EPP’s ability to prioritize inclusion and accessibility in our programs, and more fully demonstrate the diversity of our community.

How do you identify in terms of the following:

Please share your gender identity with us. Please note, female and male are biological assignments, and not gender identity. For those that may not be familiar with the gender identities provided, please use the following definitions to support your learning, growth, understanding, and response: 
  • cisgender: (sometimes cissexual, often abbreviated to simply cis) those who identify as the sex they were assigned at birth.
  • transgender: a general term used to describe someone whose gender identity is different than the sex assigned at birth.
  • non-binary: when a person's gender identity doesn't fit inside traditional male or female categories.

Part III

Please note you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your application submission. If you do not receive an email confirming your successful submission within 5 minutes,  please let us know by sending a message to epp_support@enneagramprisonproject.org.