Resiliency through Agriculture Storytelling Competition Entry Form

Stories will be accepted until November 23, 2020 at 11:59 PM Mountain. For the writing types, attach a word document no more than five pages in length, double-spaced (that's about 10 minutes in live reading time) that answers the “what is resilience?” question, particularly in terms of food and agriculture. For the spoken word types, you can record your story (no more than 10 minutes in length) and send us an audio file (.WAV, .AIFF, .MP3) also via this form. Selection process. Stories will be reviewed first by an internal panel of IAC staff to ensure submissions adhere to the basic criteria (page length/topic) who will then send stories to the expert panel for final review and selection. Basic criteria includes: adherence to instructions while selection criteria looks for things like, “Is my way of seeing things permanently changed because of this story?” “Will this story help us understand the true meaning of resilience, beyond the buzzwords?” “Are the hairs standing up on my arms?” We will do our absolute best to include all stories in our final, published anthology. Stories that do not meet the criteria will be returned to the author. Tips: Don’t just answer the question. Give us all you’ve got. Get gritty. Tell us about a time when food and agriculture were the means for some sort of survival, survivance, or pathway back to health and culture. We prefer non-fiction (a real, true story) but will happily take fiction (a creative, although ‘untrue’ story that tells a bigger truth).

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