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This application works best using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Please do not use the backward/forward button of the browser to navigate through the application; this will cause data to be lost. Instead, click on the page numbers on the upper right of the page or use the buttons on the bottom to go to the desired page.

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Part 1 - Applicant Contact and Project Information   
Complete only 1 copy of Part I and a copy of Part II for each proposed equipment project

  Name   E-mail   Phone   Fax
Primary Project Contact
Person(s) with Authority to Sign contracts (owner)
Person who completed application
If a Third Party (e.g. engine dealer, distributor, or consultant, etc.) assisted the Applicant to complete the application, complete questions 7-10 below: 

Facility Information
Describe the facility where the equipment operates or charging/fueling infrastructure will be installed. 
If there is more than one facility, copy this section for each facility by selecting 'Add another response' at the bottom right.   

Charging or Fueling Infrastructure Applications

Attach or upload a brief written proposal describing required elements of infrastructure project proposal as outlined in 2015 Guideline Appendix E (pp. E-1 through E-9) and including itemized quotation for all project costs

Applicant must read and certify each item below to indicate understanding and agreement:

By checking each box and signing below, I certify that:


I certify that I have the legal authority to apply for funding on behalf of the applicant entity, and that I am authorized to sign and submit this application on behalf of the applicant/equipment owner.
(Authorized Representative of Applicant / Equipment Owner)
Part II - Equipment Information for Proposed Project

(Add one Equipment section for each unit you are applying for, using the "Add another response" link at the bottom right of the section. Please fill n/a for fields that have no available information)

Existing Locomotive

Engine Information (Existing Locomotive)
Proposed(New) Locomotive/Equipment

Engine Information (Proposed (New) Locomotive/Equipment
Trade corridor and CA operational percentages: What is the approximate % of time this unit operates in each corridor, currently (existing locomotive)
Trade corridor and CA operational percentages: What is the approximate % of time this unit operates in each corridor, in the future (proposed (new) locomotive/equipment)
Locomotive Activity (Total number of gallons of fuel consumed by the Locomotive)
Locomotive Activity (Megawatt hours of operation for this Locomotive)
Project Costs (in USD)
Estimated Project Schedule (DD/MM/YYYY)
Please upload the following attachments: 

If you are replacing multiple equipment, click "Add another response" above.


For questions and comments, please contact grants staff at (415) 749-4994 (opt 1) or by email at grants@baaqmd.gov.