Awakening in Challenging Times: A Pardes and Or HaLev Jewish Spirituality Retreat

We are excited that you are planning on joining us at Awakening the Divine: A Pardes and Or HaLev Jewish Spirituality Retreat

To complete your registration you need to:

  • Fill out the online application form below
  • Pay the $75 program deposit
Please note that your place will only be reserved once you have filled out this form AND paid your non-refundable $75 program deposit.

Please see below for information about financial aid.
Additional limited financial aid off the standard price is available. Please apply online and request financial aid as part of the application process. We will review your request and get back to you.


We provide multiple rates of tuition to make the retreat affordable. The price includes both room selection and the general tuition for the retreat. Our two standard prices are:

Double: $949 (1 bed in a double room)
Single: $1949

Tuition rates include $75 deposit



The information requested here aims to give us a better sense of where you are coming from. We expect and hope for a diverse group, and no specific type of prior knowledge or experience is necessary.


We appreciate your specificity, both to help us in our recruitment, and so that we can say thank you.


Please note: Financial aid is awarded at the discretion of Pardes.

There are a limited number of needs-based scholarships.
Financial aid is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
We will let you know if you have qualified for financial aid as quickly as we are able and will communicate with you within two weeks of receiving your application.


Difficult emotional and mental states often arise on retreat. It is important for all participants to be aware of this fact and to fully and accurately fill out the mental health and other questions below so that we can best support you in your practice. The retreat has been designed in consultation with leading experts in meditation safely with the understanding that the retreat will not be staffed by trained mental health professionals. Per their recommendations, regrettably, the program is not able to accept those who are currently suffering from a serious mental health condition, have had a manic episode in the past 6 months, and/or have had a psychotic episode at any point in their life. At the same time, we aim to be as inclusive as possible while maintaining a safe experience for both participants and staff. Given the broad spectrum of conditions and disorders that fall under the category of mental health, many of which are perfectly compatible with retreat, we rely on your honest self-assessment for compatibility with the retreat experience. If you do choose to apply, you will be asked to fill out a form that details your meditation and mental health history.  

If you would like to discuss your mental health with us or have concerns about whether this program is appropriate for you, please email James at




Our goal on retreat is to create a supportive space for you to give your full attention to your own experience of being a human being. To enable that, as your teachers, we commit, to the best of our ability, to support you in your practice in the limited ways we are able to on a virtual retreat. However we can only do what we are able to if we have a clear sense of your mental health history. Therefore please read and affirm the covenant below.


I affirm that I will provide an honest and accurate picture of my current state of mental health and of my mental health history by filling out the intake form that I will receive to support my safety and so that the retreat instructors can best support me on this retreat journey and in my practice. 


I understand that this retreat is not appropriate for someone suffering from serious mental health conditions, that retreat is not a substitute for therapeutic work with a trained therapist,  and that the retreat instructors are not trained mental health professionals. While retreat faculty will support me in my practice to the best of their ability, I am ultimately responsible for my own mental health and commit to taking responsibility for my own mental health on retreat and maintaining my safety. 


I understand that the retreat may reach out to a mental health professional or my mental health professional that I have named on my form if they deem it necessary.


I affirm that I do not/have not suffered from the following conditions

  • Psychosis of any kind
  • A manic episode within the last 6 months
  • Trauma or PTSD or other serious mental health conditions that I have not disclosed in my forms to Or HaLev.

Please press the Submit button below. You will be taken to an external site through which you can make your $75 deposit payment. Registrations cannot be processed without a deposit payment.

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