2021 CLTA Virtual Conference Proposal Form

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EXHIBITORS, please go to www.tfaforms.com/4864489 to complete the proposal form for Exhibitors. Thank you.

CLTA Conference

Dear potential presenters,


We greatly appreciate your willingness to present a workshop and/or an interest session at our virtual conference.

  1. Workshops are synchronous. Interest sessions are asynchronous. Workshops will be done via Zoom. Interest Sessions will need to be in a video of about 30 minutes. All handouts and/or Slide presentations need to be sent to the program chair (program@clta.netso that attendees will be able to access this information. We recommend that all presentations be done in Google Slides, Pear Deck or Nearpod. 

  2. Those submitting proposals for the 2021 Virtual Conference must be current (2020-2021 membership year) members of CLTA (California Language Teachers' Association). If you ARE NOT a current (2020-2021) member, your proposal will NOT be considered. You can renew your membership by clicking on this link (clta.net/membership). Exceptions will be made for presenters who work & live outside of California.

  3. Abstracts may be edited for length and clarity. You will be sent, by email, a copy of what will appear in the online program. It’s important that you notify the Program Chair (program@clta.net) ASAP of any changes you feel need to be made or corrections to what will appear in the online program.

  4. If your proposal is selected you will need to respond to the acceptance letter within one week to be included in the program. The categories that you may choose how your presentation is evaluated are: a) General, b) Early Elementary, c) Higher Education, d) Language Specific, or e) Technology.

  5. Each workshop/session can have only one lead presenter (the person submitting the proposal).

  6. Acceptance of your proposal does NOT register you for the conference. ALL PRESENTERS MUST REGISTER ONLINE FOR THE CONFERENCE.

  7. Our attendees, who are primarily middle and high school teachers, love practical, hands-on activities. That helps them visualize how they might use the ideas that are presented in their classrooms. That is especially true for teachers who are new to the classroom. But we also have very experienced teachers attending who love to hear about new concepts and ideas that stretch them and motivate them to try some new things. The abstract that you write and which will appear in the online program is very important and you should focus on what those attending your session will be able to take away with them and incorporate into their teaching and how their students will benefit. Specifically asked for since the pandemic forced teachers into virtual (online) classrooms are: how to effectively teach a language online, how to keep students engaged online, multimodal online instruction methods, how to manage the extra workload online teaching has produced, hybrid learning, best strategies for 90% target language instruction online, anti-racism and inclusivity lessons, non-google online apps for those districts using Microsoft, etc., sample online lessons from start to finish, online brain break exercises incorporating “fun language.” 

  8. If you need to withdraw your proposal after it’s been accepted, it’s essential that you let us know in a timely manner so that we can find a replacement and before we publish the program.

The CLTA Conference is world language teachers of California's major opportunity during the year to learn new techniques and activities, to meet and share with colleagues across the state, to network, to find out what is going on in California and to see new materials (in the Exhibit Hall) and attend exhibitor sessions, where they demonstrate some of the materials they sell. It's an exciting, motivating and meaningful experience and you are part of that experience. Thank you again for sharing your expertise and knowledge with your colleagues across the state.

Bethany Thompson, Program Chair

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Presenter Information

*Your personal email address works better, because 1) your school email server may block our emails to you, 2) when you change schools, districts or employment status, you can still stay in touch with us. But, if you must use your school email address, perhaps you can give us an alternate email just in case.

Session Details
CLTA expects all Workshops & Interest Sessions to be INTERACTIVE!

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Presentation Details

For Workshops only

Additional Important Information
  • Workshops for the 2021 conference will be selected from proposals submitted
  • CLTA reserves the right to cancel workshops with insufficient enrollment
  • CLTA reserves the right to edit abstracts for brevity and/or clarity
  • Presenters MUST be current members of CLTA (except exhibitors and those from out-of-state)
  • All contact is through the email provided on this form by the presenter
  • Only one (1) free Conference Registration per interest session/workshop accepted
Priority submission deadline:
          December 15, 2020
Acceptance notification:
          December 21, 2020 
For any additional information please contact: 
          Paula Hirsch, Conference Coordinator, at conference@clta.net
          Bethany Thompson, Program Chair, at program@clta.net