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If you are having trouble or have concerns please contact Promises2Kids at info@promises2kids.org or at 858-278-4400.
Volunteer Program Registration
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COVID-19 UPDATE: All orientations are via video conferencing in Zoom, a free and user-friendly app.

THANK YOU for your interest in volunteering with Promises2Kids! We look forward to having you join our amazing team of volunteers who play a vital role in delivering the promise of creating a brighter future for foster children.

Important note: To register, please select an orientation from the "Orientations Coming Up" list below.  All orientations are held from 5:45 - 7:15 PM.  Once you register, Promises2Kids will follow-up with the Zoom link and a more comprehensive volunteer application.

Should you have any questions please contact Hilary Taylor, Volunteer Specialist, at Hilary@Promises2Kids.org or at 760-585-5681. 

Guardian Scholars Program Eligibility and Requirements Information
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Thank you for your interest in the Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars program! Guardian Scholars scholarships will be awarded to San Diego County current or former foster youth pursuing higher education. You can use the scholarship for a vocational or training program, community college, or a 4-year University, inside or outside of San Diego. 

It is recommended that you complete the application in one sitting.  If you do not have your essay or documentation ready, please complete as much of the application as you can and then click on the "save my progress and resume later" link located at the top and the bottom of the form. You will be asked to enter your email address and select a password. Once an email and password are provided, a link will be sent to your email. Clicking on the email link and providing the correct password will allow you to access and resume work on your previously saved application.

Required Documentation
    • Online Application
    • Ward of the Court Documentation
    • Transcripts
Program Requirements
    • On your 18th birthday, you (will be) OR (were) a San Diego County Foster Youth 
    • In the fall, will be enrolled full-time in a higher education program. 
    • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in a vocational training program, community college, or 4-year undergraduate university. 
    • If you will reside in San Diego, agree to be matched with a mentor and meet 2x month in person. 
    • In the fall, obtain part-time employment or internship. 
    • Meet monthly requirements with deadlines and maintain regular communication with Promises2Kids. 
    • Attend required meetings/events such as Program Orientation, Training's, Awards Reception. 
Something Special Information
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Something Special Fund FAQ

Foster children often feel alone and isolated and may go without simple pleasures of childhood. The Something Special Fund was founded by Promises2Kids to provide funding support for life-enhancing activities and services for children currently within the foster care system in San Diego County. Something Special is set up to support these needs not met through typical funding. Please be aware that this is a privately funded program; Promises2Kids will review all requests, but requests will be granted based on funding availability.

Beginning in May 2020, Promises2Kids will be accepting applications for general requests as well as requests for extracurricular activities only.  As a result, all youth 18 years of age or under are eligible for up to $750 per fiscal year.

Who is eligible for Something Special Funds?

Children currently within the San Diego County foster care system that have open- dependency cases, are in out-of-home placements in San Diego County only, and 18 years or under. This program is currently available to foster youth residing in San Diego Youth living with their biological parents do not qualify. Funding is limited to the following:

  • Up to $250 - General Something Special Expenses
  • Up to $500 - Extra Curricular Activities

*Expenses greater than the amounts listed above may be requested and are subject to approval.

Examples of previously funded requests:

  • General Something Special Requests: Any item or special request that a youth desires, may be considered. Examples include but are not limited to: tablets, bikes, speakers, watches, cameras, headphones, video games, jewelry, musical instruments, Zoo passes, Legoland passes, Sea World passes, hair extensions, designer shoes, art supplies and toys. (PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volumes of orders on certain websites they flag us for fraud and won't process our orders.  We cannot order from Nike.com, Goat.com, Flightclub.com, Gamestop.com, as well as any International shops such as Fashionnova.com, Hebeos.com, and Dhgate.com) 
  • Extracurricular Activities: Sports uniforms or equipment, gymnastics, soccer, football, and basketball leagues, cheerleading, swim lessons, martial arts (NOT mixed), sports registration fees, music lessons.

Who may apply for Something Special Funds?
Something Special Fund applications may be submitted by County social workers, ILS case workers, CASA’s, city or county agencies, the Polinsky Children’s Center, the Public Defender’s office, attorneys, caregivers, or youth.

What can the Something Special Fund not pay for?

Childcare, food, clothing, basic needs, cell phones and accessories, gift cards, furniture, medical or dental supplies (such as glasses or braces), mixed martial arts/kick boxing, day care, school supplies, subscriptions, monthly boxes, items out of the country, or anything else not mentioned that the county or foster parents are obligated to provide. We are unable to provide reimbursements for pre-paid items. Theme park tickets are only available for youth 3 years of age and older.


1) Special requests, such as applications requesting funds in excess of our limit will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are subject to approval by the CEO.

2) Checks will only be written and mailed to businesses and service providers. Checks will not be granted to youth, caregivers or providers.

3) Please list accurate websites, details, colors, sizes and information for your items of request. Inaccurate information may lead to a delay in processing. If the items requested are no longer in stock or unavailable, similar item may be purchased instead. 

4) If inaccurate links are provided or a youth requests an alternative item (other than what is requested in the application), we are unable to guarantee a refund, or alternative items. A new application request will need to be completed. 

Thank you!

If the recipient of the funds is over age 6, a returned thank-you note is much appreciated. It supports us in obtaining future donations. Confidentiality and child’s identity will be respected.

Camp Connect Program Information
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Each year, Camp Connect organizes individual sibling set visits, day camps and a fun-filled four-day summer camp in the mountains of Julian.  Camp Connects provides siblings separated in foster care and environment of fun and safety, allowing them for a short time to set aside their trauma and experience the joy of being a kid while connecting with their brothers and sisters.
Guardian Scholars Pre-Eligibility

Camp Connect Pre-Eligibility

Something Special Pre-Eligibility

Demographics (Students / Foster Youth / Volunteers )

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Demographic Information

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Caregiver Information

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CASA Worker Information

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High School Information

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Foster Care Information

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Essay Information
Thank you for taking the time to complete the Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars application. Below you will find the information necessary to complete the essay portion of the application. We encourage you to be candid and share how Promises2Kids can help you create a brighter future for yourself.

Guardian Scholars Program Requirements:
  • If available, you must participate in the on campus program that supports current and former foster youth. 
  • You must maintain full-time enrollment, a minimum 2.0 cumulative and semester/quarter GPA,.
  • You must maintain a part-time job or internship.
  • Required to meet with your mentor 2x per month.
  • Must be able to meet deadlines and communicate with Promises2Kids. 
Your application will NOT be reviewed unless all documents have been received by the February 14th deadline. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Promises2Kids at 858-278-4400.

Writing Your Essay
  • All essays should be in Times New Roman, 12-size font, and double spaced.
  • Essays should be NO longer than three pages. 
  • You may not use essays from a previously submitted application. 
  • Please check for spelling and grammar before you submit the essay.
Essay Questions

1.  Please tell me about your childhood and what made you want to apply to Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars program and to college.

2.  Share a specific time when you were confronted with multiple obstacles and how you were able to overcome them.

3.  What about Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars program will be the most impactful for you and why?

4. What are you career goals and how do you plan to reach them?

5. Is there anything else you want the scholarship committee to know about you or take into consideration?
Essay Information
Provide an update on your academic status, employment, mentor relationship (if you were paired with a mentor) and changes in your support network.  Also address how you will tackle advancing yourself in the coming school year.


Additional Information

Payment Information

Shipping Address - Where item is to be mailed.

Business/Organization Payment Address - Where check needs to be mailed (cannot send checks directly to caregivers).

Authorization Information

Disclaimer: Promises2Kids uses non-identifying information to track aggregate data and by submitting this application you authorize this use. No personal information will be shared outside of Promises2Kids.
Ineligible for Program
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Sorry you do not meet the minimum program eligibility requirements. Please contact Promises2Kids with any questions you may have.

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