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Today’s college students are now 74% post-traditional - older than 24, working 30+ hours, or caring for a dependent - but only 16% ever graduate. This has led to 45 million Americans who started college but have not yet earned their degree. Higher education is perpetuating inequity by making graduation difficult for the students who would most benefit from a degree. Where college graduation once offered consistent economic mobility, it now reinforces privilege.

Over eight years we’ve proved it doesn’t have to be that way by building a new and equitable pathway to college graduation specifically for working adults. The model we helped build is called a hybrid college, and we’re one of over a dozen non-profits in the country with this approach, and the only one focused on growing the field.

That’s where you come in. As our first Innovation Manager, you’ll work alongside our co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, to find, recruit, and support the next 100 nonprofits to launch hybrid colleges. Building on three years of work to help others launch this model, you’ll take us to the next level and turn a “when we have time for it” passion into a well-run, highly-effective program. Responsibilities include cultivating new partners, managing the partnership development process, and project management from start to finish for each engagement with these nationwide partners.

You likely enjoy working alongside entrepreneurs, diagnosing their core challenges, and helping them achieve their goals. You get tapped to manage cross-functional projects, day-dream about making processes more efficient, and are passionate about education and equity. You have a keen eye for detail, always write thank you notes, and can build systems from scratch. Maybe you’ve worked in consulting and want to get off the road every week, or maybe you’ve built a career in direct service and now want to tackle systems change. Sound like you? More details below.