City of St. Petersburg Disparity Study Anecdotal eSurvey

In 2018, the City commissioned a Disparity Study to determine how successful the City has been in achieving its goals of equity and inclusion in awarding contracts to local businesses owned by people of color and women. The City of St. Petersburg has a commitment to provide economic opportunity for City residents and businesses.

This survey is designed to gather in-depth information from local businesses about their experiences making bids and proposals to, and working on projects for, the City of St. Petersburg. Please provide detailed written responses with as much length as is necessary to convey your answer to each question.
For additional information about Mason Tillman or the study, we can be reached at

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Please complete the following information:

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7. How many bids, quotes, or proposals  has your business submitted for a City prime or subcontract since 2014?

8. How many City prime or subcontracts has your business had since 2014?

9. Have  you experienced any of the following when pursuing a City contract since 2014?

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Multi-Year Agreements

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Highly Used Contractors

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Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA)

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Small Business Enterprise Program