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Technical Assistance

Community Vision offers real estate technical assistance to nonprofit organizations at risk of displacement, facing barriers to growth due to real estate constraints, or that are negotiating commercial leases in new, 100% affordable housing developments.

We offer the following support services in both individual coaching, peer learning, and webinar settings for nonprofit organizations and fiscally-sponsored projects of nonprofit sponsors located in San Francisco.

  • Financial planning
  • Space planning
  • Identifying/evaluating potential sites
  • Assistance in lease negotiations
  • Developing construction budgets and project timelines
  • Analyzing potential funding sources
  • Assistance preparing budgets and projections for funding or financing applications

Community Vision may take up to 45-60 days to respond to your request for technical assistance from the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative, after your organization successfully submits this form and receives a confirmation page.

Priority Criteria

  • Must be facing permanent displacement or barriers to growth due to real estate constraints, or be negotiating a commercial lease in a new, 100% affordable housing developing
  • Must have a two-year track record of providing services to low-income communities in San Francisco
  • Must be deeply-rooted in low-income communities, communities of color, or historically underserved communities in San Francisco
  • Can clearly identify how a new space will attract new beneficiaries and retain current beneficiaries
  • Can demonstrate evidence of planning to mitigate financial risk

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    Beneficiaries served
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    At Risk of Displacement or
    Facing Barriers to Growth due to Real Estate Constraints
    If the organization has secured a new space please use the following fields to describe the former space even if the organization has not yet moved.
    Negotiating Commercial Lease in New, 100% Affordable Housing Development
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