2021 Arts Fund Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2021 AdoptAClassroom.org Arts Fund. This application will close on February 10, 2021. Selected grantees will receive $1,000 each. 

Please note, priority will be given to educators in high-needs schools.

This grant opportunity is funded by The Windgate Foundation, to support art education, from drama to finger-painting, across the nation.

Questions? Trouble uploading your video? Email info@adoptaclassroom.org.

Teacher and School Information

Upload Your Video

Please upload a short video, 2-3 minutes in length (click here for tips on how to make a video). Please make sure your video file follows this naming convention: [Your Name]_[School]. For Example: Jane Doe_Awesome Elementary School

Please answer the following questions in your video application:
  1. Introduce yourself! Please tell us your name, what you teach, and where you teach (school name, city, and state).

  2. Describe why you need funding to support your arts-based curriculum. Tell us something unique and/or specific about your classroom. For example, you could talk about how the pandemic or other recent events have affected you and your students, or tell a story about a specific student (please keep their identity anonymous), a personal struggle or success, or anything else that highlights the uniqueness of your classroom. 

  3. How will this arts grant help you and your students? Share your vision of how this grant will help you engage your students in the arts and meet their needs. Please highlight any unique ideas, programs, or projects that will promote student learning and engagement, and paint a clear picture of how this idea would look if it came to life.

  4. What would you purchase with this arts grant? Please be as specific as possible. Applicants are encouraged to research the materials and supplies available for purchase on the AdoptAClassroom.org Marketplace.

If you’re having trouble uploading your video, please reach out to us at info@adoptaclassroom.org.