Jurgens Park planting, Tualatin: Sat, 3/6/21, 8:45am

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We desire to know who we're working with and who we are not so we can better serve the whole community.  Your information is NEVER associated with you as an individual; it is only used in aggregate.

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The undersigned hereby agrees to waive all claims and release and discharge Clean Water Services, Friends of Trees, all partner agencies and organizations, (collectively “Organizers”), their board of directors, general managers and employees from any and all liability or demands that may arise in connection with 1) any accident, illness, injury or other consequence or event arising from or related to participation in the activity listed above (Activity) and 2) any cause beyond control of the Organizers, including but not limited to natural disasters. In consideration of voluntarily participating in the Activity, I hereby ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS AND ALL OTHER RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THE ACTIVITY, WHETHER OR NOT SPECIFIED IN THIS WAIVER AND RELEASE, AND UNDERSTAND THAT THE ORGANIZERS ARE NOT A GUARANTOR OF MY SAFETY. I acknowledge that there is no workers’ compensation coverage available to me for the Activity I perform as a volunteer.
Under no circumstances will I bring any claim for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death against the Organizers, their board of directors, general managers or employees for any causes of action, whether arising out of the negligence of such persons or otherwise. IT IS MY INTENTION TO EXEMPT AND RELIEVE THE ORGANIZERS, THEIR BOARD OF DIRECTORS, GENERAL MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES FROM LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR WRONGFUL DEATH CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF SUCH PERSONS.
Should any suit, action, or other proceeding be commenced in connection with any claim, dispute or other matter in question arising out of or relating to this waiver and release or the Activity, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its attorneys’ and expert witness fees and other costs, disbursements, and expenses incurred prior to and during the arbitration or trial, on review for appeal, and on appeal, as the court may adjudge reasonable.
In case of emergency, accident or illness, I give my permission to be treated by a professional medical person and admitted to a hospital, if necessary. I agree to be the party responsible for all medical expenses which are incurred on my behalf. I also agree that videos and photographs taken of me may be used by Friends of Trees and sponsoring agencies in any materials or publications, printed or electronic.
This waiver and release shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of Oregon. Should any court proceeding be commenced arising out of or related to this waiver and release of the Activity, the proceeding shall be commenced in the District or Circuit Court of Washington County, Oregon, or in the United States District Court for Oregon, in Portland, Oregon.
If you are signing in for a family or group, your name below acknowledges that you also accept responsibility for them. If you are a minor (i.e., under 18), your parent or guardian must sign for you. 
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COVID-19 Waiver

  • I will wear a face mask at all times during my volunteer shift and understand that I must bring my own properly fitted mask (fully covers my nose and mouth and is snug around the edges).
  • I will maintain 6' of distance from others and follow all other public health guidelines required by state and local government, and as requested by City of Tualatin and Friends of Trees staff.    
  • I will not volunteer if I or a member of my household is feeling unwell (fever, fatigue, dry cough) within 14 days of my volunteer shift.
  • I hereby waive all claims that I might have against City of Tualatin or Friends of Trees, its officers, agents, employees, co-sponsoring organizations or individuals for any unintentional exposure or harm caused by the COVID-19 virus.