2021 Gender Spectrum Volunteer Facilitator Application  

***Currently we are no longer seeking volunteers for our online groups, we will update this form if our needs change. Thank you for your interest!***

We are currently looking for folks interested in facilitating our Online Discussion Groups for trans, non-binary and gender expansive teens (13-19) and pre-teens (10-12) at Gender Spectrum throughout 2021. Our volunteer facilitators play a crucial role in helping hold space and run our online groups. Responsibilities range from providing tech support for those who need it during groups, coming up with discussion topics and activities and overall being a part of creating safe spaces for young people to explore their gender. For many of our youth these online groups are the only space they can truly show up as their authentic selves - and our volunteer facilitators are a significant part of making these spaces so incredibly impactful! We are hoping for a diverse pool of volunteers who can commit to supporting and facilitating various  groups throughout the year of 2021. 

We are looking for volunteers interested in supporting our pre-teen and teen discussion groups as well as our youth of color teen group. The groups meet once a week for an hour. 


- 20+ years old 

- Have access to internet and a device that can connect with zoom 

- Identify as trans, non-binary or gender expansive in some capacity

 It’s important that the facilitators of our online groups for youth can relate and connect to the experiences of our young people. We often find that the youth enjoy connecting with the facilitators as much as they do the other youth - which speaks to the impact of having facilitators who have / are also navigating gender. 

- Approve of a background check 

- Gender Spectrum runs a simple background check on all our volunteer facilitators. This check only covers the following two reports: a multi-state crime database, and the national sex offender registry.

-Additionally, we want to note that legal names are required for the background check. Our system limits who interacts with the background checks to try to minimize folks seeing legal names. Only one GS staff member will see the report and this will only be shared with those applicable if the report does not clear. 

Time Commitment

Can commit to facilitation once a week for one hour. We understand that things will come up for volunteers and there will be times you aren’t available - however we are looking for volunteers who are committed to being as consistent as possible for our young people, and can commit to facilitating various groups throughout 2021.


- Online training orientation will be provided which will include topics such as: role and responsibilities of facilitators, best practices for facilitation including virtual facilitation, overview of our framework of gender at Gender Spectrum, how to respond to crisis / supporting trans youth from a volunteer capacity. 

- Ongoing mentorship and support from experienced Gender Spectrum staff