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Listen4Good Premium Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in participating in Listen4Good (L4G) Premium. Please review this page for more information about our participation guidelines and to help you determine whether L4G meets your needs. After we review your information, we may contact you for more details prior to finalizing your registration. 

More details about what the L4G Premium program entails, including pricing and the program’s start and end dates, can be viewed here. Please read through those details.

If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact Rebecca Klein at rebecca@fundforsharedinsight.org.

This registration form has the following sections:

A. Organization Information

B. Contact Information

C. Organizational Mission and Learning Goals

D. Payer Information

E. Additional Organization Details

F. Wrap-Up

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Please only use numbers — do not include a dash.

Please round to the nearest whole number and do not include commas.




Project Champion The Project Champion, typically a senior leader or manager in the organization, will be responsible for change management and tying feedback to ongoing organizational initiatives.

Project Manager for L4G Implementation The Project Manager will be responsible for overall project management and implementation of L4G, data analysis, and management of staff and client relationships to this work. If you don't know who will serve as the Project Manager yet, please include the primary contact for this registration.

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The following questions help us understand your organization and how you will use L4G.

Issue Area Category:
Issue Area Sub-category:

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Please provide basic information on who will be paying for the $6,000 fee to fund your participation in L4G. Note that by listing a funder you are allowing us to directly contact the payer and solicit payment from them. If you plan to pay out-of-pocket, please note that below.

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We are always trying to learn who benefits most from L4G. Please help us by answering the following questions.


Thank you for completing this form. Please click the Submit button below. We will follow up with you if we have questions. By submitting this registration form, you agree, on behalf of the organization you are submitting it for, to the Listen4Good Terms of Service and acknowledge our Privacy Policy.