Letter of Intent (LOI) for Engaged Curriculum Grants 2021

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For community-engaged learning to be central to Cornell, it must be a core part of curricula across the university, in majors, minors, concentrations and programs. To this end, Engaged Curriculum Grants create, expand and strengthen research and teaching fields by funding teams that are integrating community-engaged learning into curriculum exploration, development and improvement. The goal of this grant program is the creation of majors and minors that offer coherent, developmentally-staged pathways of community-engaged learning experiences. 

Engaged Curriculum Grants are intended to support:

  • Modification of existing courses and curricula to add, deepen, or better integrate community-engaged learning and teaching in any field of study
  • Development of new courses and curricula designed to benefit undergraduate students and community partners; core graduate-level courses that allow for undergraduate participation will be considered
  • Teams of Cornell faculty and their community partners experimenting with how to embed in their courses and curricula the public purpose of the discipline or field
  • Courses and curricula that are sustainable beyond the period of the grant

Engaged Curriculum Grants are not intended to support:

  • Standalone course development or research conducted by a single faculty member 

New project teams (not previously funded through an Engaged Curriculum Grant) must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). Leadership and staff in the Office of Engagement Initiatives will review and provide feedback on LOIs.

The LOI process is intended to support applicants in developing strong and compelling proposals that are well-aligned with the values and practices of community-engaged learning. There is no selection of proposals made as a result of LOI review.

For more information, including details on the three levels of grants, see the Engaged Curriculum Grant (right click to open in new tab) page on the OEI website.   

Contact Anna Bartel (aws4@cornell.edu) with any questions or concerns.

Teams of three or more Cornell faculty members and, as appropriate, community partner(s) and/or representative(s).

     ●  Faculty member leading a collaborative project must be a member of the department responsible for the curriculum.

     ●  Membership of the Cornell team must include at least one actively tenured/tenure-track faculty. Participation by junior faculty members is

         welcomed and encouraged.

This fall, OEI launched an engaged college initiative  - which includes college block grants with the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, and College of Human Ecology. Faculty and staff from these colleges should apply for funding directly through their college, but are still invited to collaborate with OEI and participate in OEI programs. Contact the community-engaged learning coordinators to learn about college-specific opportunities and when they'll be available: 
  • Kristen Elmore, College of Human Ecology
  • Candace Maxian, College of Business
  • Victoria Beard, College of Architecture, Art and Planning