Reference Letter Request Form

Thank you for writing a reference letter

Atlas Assistance Dogs is dedicated to ensuring we are certifying high-quality, skilled, and ethical trainers and Team Facilitators. Our trainers and Team Facilitators work very closely with vulnerable populations of people and represent the service dog industry as a whole. As part of our application process, we request letters of recommendation to demonstrate that the applicant is someone with the qualities and character we require. We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to write a reference letter. Your recommendations and opinions are taken seriously. 

Please include how long you have known the person, in what capacity you know them, and anything that you feel is relevant regarding their character, experience, confidentiality, and your opinion on their suitability for this position. Please also address any specific topics they requested if you feel comfortable doing so. 

If you have experience with them as trainers, please provide details you may have on their training methods, their specific knowledge or background, and types of training they specialize in or you experienced with them. Please provide any information you think may be relevant regarding the applicant’s communication, professionalism, knowledge, and expertise. 

Please provide your contact information (Name, Email, Phone #)  in case we have any follow up questions. 

Your reference letter will remain confidential and will only be used as part of determining the applicant’s suitability. Thank you again for your help. 


Please write your letter inline or upload as an attachment.