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With and For Girls Fund


Welcome to the With and For Girls Fund Database, where we resource girls activism and organising in healthy, sustainable and truly responsive ways!

This database is always open, and you only need to register once, when there is a funding cycle and if your group meets the eligibility criteria, you will be invited to apply for funding at different moments in the year. 

We welcome registration from all regions and all countries, specifically from historically marginalised girls and young women. This will look different in each context but will include girls and young women of colour, LGBTQIA2S youth, afro-descendant, indigenous, immigrant and disabled girls and young women, as well as those living in urban slum areas, rural areas, refugee camps, occupied territories and in conflict-affected settings.

Please help us to save time and funds and only apply if you meet the following criteria:

Basic Criteria


If yes, please provide the following details:

If no, please provide us the details of a reference who is not directly part of your organisation:


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With and For Girls Fund

Details of Person Applying

If yes to the above, and if you need us to make any accommodations for you to be able to apply, please email WFGF@wearepurposeful.org
Note: Purposeful is committed to supporting young people with disabilities to fully engage in this process, and will fund and facilitate any necessary adaptations. 

With and For Girls Fund

Basic Information of your group/collective

3. Where do you work

4. Leadership 


With and For Girls Fund


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