Kindness Unites Paperchain                      


We invite schools to come together to share messages of love & hope while making the world's longest recycled paperchain ever!


If your school and students want to be part of this epic Kindness Unites Paperchain (formerly Linked By Love) campaign, please sign up below and commit to creating either a quarter mile, half mile or one mile of assembled paperchain, or as many flat Love Links as possible. Your schoolwide chain and Love Links will be part of our 100 mile plus long paperchain!

How To Create Love Links & Assemble The Paperchain

Paperchain Specs

The assembled paperchain or the flat Love Links must be delivered either:

1. On the day of the official Guinness World Record event in Carlsbad, CA 

(date to be confirmed once COVID restrictions are lifted)

2. To Kids for Peace Headquarters at 1302 Pine Ave. Carlsbad, CA 92008 by April 15, 2021

Kindness Unites Paperchain School Sign Up

Our school will participate in the Kindness Unites Paperchain campaign.
With many educators working virtually, we kindly ask that you provide an alternative phone number. Thank you.