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2021 Responsive Program Grant (RPG) 

Please make sure you have reviewed all grant application guidelines on our website prior to beginning this application.

Oregon Humanities Responsive Program Grants are meant to enable nonprofit organizations and federally recognized tribes in Oregon to address urgent or timely issues in their communities in order to connect and support Oregonians in finding community-based solutions

If you have questions about this form or the application process, please contact grants@oregonhumanities.org

This application has 5 parts:
  • Program Snapshot
  • Organization Information
  • Grant Details
  • Contacts
  • Community Demographics

*All Fields are Required*

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1 - Program Snapshot



2 - Organization Information

Mailing Address

Fiscal Sponsor
NEW THIS YEAR:  before applying with a fiscal sponsor you must get permission from Oregon Humanities. Please save the form and email grants@oregonhumanities.org.



Your PDF should be named: "Your Organization W-9 2021"

3 - Grant Details

4 - Contacts

Grant Manager
This is the Primary Contact for all communication regarding this grant for its entire cycle. You must notify Oregon Humanities of any changes to this role.

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Authorizing Official

Please provide a contact who is an authorizing official at the applicant organization, such as board chair or executive director.  This person should be different than the person completing the application. 


5 - Community Overview

Oregon Humanities has limited grant funds to award and is committed to funding programming that centers those most impacted by a topic in order to elevate perspectives that have historically been undervalued—particularly programming based in and led by rural communities and/or communities of color.
Organizational Leadership

Communities of Color

Rural Communities

Rural means located ten miles or more from a population center of 40,000 people or more, as defined by the Oregon Office of Rural Health. (Learn more about this definition at the Oregon Office of Rural Health website and download the Spreadsheet of Oregon Zip Codes, Towns, Cities and Service Areas and their ORH Urban/Rural/Frontier Designation)