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Project Zug
Expand your Shabbaton experience by participating in a cycle of Project Zug exclusive to attendees of the Shabbaton. As part of your registration package, you have access to this special opportunity. We will match you with a fellow Shabbaton participant to learn together in the weeks leading up to the Shabbaton - the first nine sessions of your chosen course will take place online, with the tenth session taking place in person over Shabbat lunch with the faculty member who created the course.

The course will open on November 17th, giving you ample time to learn the course before the Shabbaton. This is a great opportunity to get to know someone new and learn from one of Hadar’s renowned faculty members for an extra ten weeks leading up to the Shabbaton.
We will reach out to you soon with more information!
There is no charge for this year's alumni Shabbaton. Please consider making an optional donation to offset the costs of this program and support Hadar's work.

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