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JCRIF Capacity Expansion Grant Application

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FJC is excited to announce the Capacity Expansion Grant to help camps maintain and increase their capacity to serve more campers in 2021 which  may have been limited due to COVID-related occupancy restrictions. Funding was made possible due to the generosity of the Jewish Community Response and Impact Fund. 


This is a matching grant that will provide money for camps to rent temporary structures and additional properties, purchase necessary equipment (excluding PPE equipment), and/or build needed infrastructure.

  • Capacity matching grants will range in value at $50,000, $75,000, or $100,000
  • Camps will be required to match these grants at a 2:1 ratio (i.e. 50% of the FJC grant will need to be matched by the camp). Camps can fund their match through their operating budgets or through fundraising (at the camp’s discretion)
  • Please review the FJC website for eligibility criteria 

Applications are due by January 31, 2021
For grant-related questions, please e-mail and for technical help, please e-mail
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Camp Information

Enrollment & Capacity Data
In a typical summer (not Covid), what is your camp’s capacity: 
How many campers beds do you have (how many campers can your camp accommodate on site at one time)?
How many counselors/staff sleep in camper bunks in a typical summer? (this should be a total number, not the amount per bunk)
How many staff (outside of bunks) do you have at camp in a typical summer?
How many unique campers do you typically serve in a given summer? (Each individual camper counts as 1 camper regardless of the length of time or number of programs or sessions they were at camp.) 
In a typical summer, what is the percentage of your average camper capacity utilization (per session or per week)? 
Camper capacity utilization is the number of campers divided by the number of available beds.

Please use your current best estimations to answer the following for summer 2021 (we recognize it’s a fluid situation and may be impacted due to decreased occupancy per bunk and/or reduced program/dining capacities due to Covid): 
What is your anticipated maximum camper capacity at any given time (how many available camper beds will there be)?
How many counselors/staff do you anticipate sleeping in camper bunks?
How many other staff (outside of camper bunks) do you anticipate?
How many unique campers do you think you'll be able to serve in 2021 on your current site (again with no temporary/new structures, etc.)?

Please include the exact number and date.

Planning for Summer 2021
What adjustments is camp making this summer to accommodate Covid safety protocols:
Daily Schedule:
Programming (both the physical spaces and program design):
Staff Structure and Numbers:
Session Length or Other Session Adjustments:

Grant Information

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