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SEL Integration Series Part 2

Infusing Reflective Inquiry

in OST Activities - Online Zoom


Wondering how to make real and tangible social and emotional connections in virtual settings? This training offers simple and effective strategies to integrate Social and Emotional Learning skills in any virtual session using signature practices such as welcoming rituals, engaging practices, brain breaks, and optimistic closures. Participants also learn how to use no-fuss mindfulness tools to get their audience grounded, self-aware, and mentally focused and emotionally ready to engage in any activity.

Practitioners from Phase II PSELI sites ONLY participate in Part One of the Series. Practitioners from Phase I PSELI sites should register and save the dates for all four sessions.


Core Competencies Addressed:

Core Knowledge Area- Child/Youth Growth and Development

1C: Use Developmental Knowledge to Create Healthy, Respectful, Supportive and Challenging Environments- Entry level and level 1


Primary QIS Scales Addressed:

Interaction: III-M: Sense of Belonging,

Engagement: IV-T. Youth reflect


Training Objectives:

  1. Learn the art of inquiry and reflective dialogue with adults and youth
  2. Connect reflection to intrapersonal and interpersonal skill-building and growth
  3. Practice the ORID method and embed in OST lesson plans with youth Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. Increase positive communication in interactions with youth, staff and parents through skillful application of reflective dialogue
  2. Increase SE skill-building outside of SEL explicit instruction time through effective and intentional questioning
  3. Create a lesson plan template and facilitate OST lessons incorporating three to five questions following the ORID method in each lesson to empower youth led inquiry and problem-solving

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