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Thank you for your interest in PAS Study Circles. This learning initiative is only open to PAS members. If you are interested in becoming a member of Park Avenue Synagogue, please contact our Membership Director, Rachel Zorboran, at or (212) 369-2600 x195.

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Study a focused topic on a regular basis and build a closer bond with your teacher and fellow learners in a small group setting. Curious about Study Circles? Join one of our new Study Capsules or Study Circles to engage with text and tradition in an intimate, collaborative environment, led by our team of rabbis and educators. Learn more on the Study Circles page, and email with questions. 

Not sure about a one year commitment to a Study Circle? Come sample this learning model with a Study Capsule. New this year, Study Capsules are three part Study Circles focused on a particular topic. Below are the Spring 2021 Study Capsule offerings.

Renewal of Spirit 

Mental Health as a Jewish Value

Thu / Jan 14, 21 / 6:00 pm 
Rabbi Savenor 
Taking care of others is an essential Jewish value. What does our tradition say about taking care of ourselves?

We are at capacity for this Study Capsule.

Avadim Hayinu
Strangers in a Strange Land: The Jewish Response to Seeking Sanctuary 

Dates TBD, before Passover / 7:00 pm
Rabbi Witkovsky / Rabbi Philp
The story of our people, which we retell every Passover, obligates us to respond to the crises of our time with courage and compassion. By remembering how we were refugees, we can turn our collective history into meaningful action, supporting those in search of a home. 

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Study Circles

A year long intimate learning experience, Study Circles offer PAS members the unique opportunity to collaborate closely with Clergy and fellow learners as they deeply learn about a Jewish topic. Below are the Spring 2021 Study Circles offerings.

Drawing Inspiration 

Approaches to the Sketchbook

Mon / Jan 25, Feb 22, Mar 22 / 7:00 pm
Ellen Alt
How do artists ground themselves in their craft? Sketchbooks are a great open-ended tool for idea exploration, building skills, refining compositions and letting imaginations run wild. Experiment with drawing as a means of expression, and see where it takes you! This circle is open to all experience levels.

Beyond the Page 
Deconstructing the Talmud

Thu / Jan 14 / 7:30 pm / Rabbi Witkovsky
Mon / Feb 22 / 7:30 pm / Rabbi Philp
Wed / Mar 10 / 7:30 pm / Rabbi Savenor
Investigating the foundations on which the rabbinic project is built, we will study the framework of masechet (tractate) Pesachim, which is being studied as part of the Daf Yomi cycle. Designed to enhance the daily practice of those studying Daf Yomi, learn with this supportive, studious group by engaging in intimate conversations that go beyond summarizing Talmudic texts, including authorship, artistic iterations, and personal connection with the content. 

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