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Literacy Partners Mission: We strengthen families through a two-generation approach to education. With our free classes, low-income parents in New York City develop the literacy and language skills they need to succeed in today’s world. Our research-based curriculum also incorporates child development and parenting support to help parents boost their children’s early reading, school readiness, and social-emotional growth.
Tell us a little about yourself: The information you provide helps us get a better picture of you as an individual so that we can improve the volunteer experience for everyone.
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Volunteer Opportunities

Which Literacy Partners Program do you feel is the best match for you?

A short description follows about Literacy Partners' five programs that depend on our Volunteers to make them run. Please read the requirements for each program and check the one(s) for which you are interested and qualified.
Note: Anyone interested in volunteering with Literacy Partners MUST attend a volunteer orientation. Virtual orientations take place on the second Tuesday of each month.

Weekly commitment: 1-2 hours 

Your role: In-Class Facilitators  and/or Speaking Partners

  • In-Class Facilitators: Classes take place 1-2 times per week at specific times during the day or evenings

  • Speaking Partners: Calls with a student once a week at a convenient time for both of you

Additional Requirement: Attend an EFP Facilitator Training at the beginning of your first semester (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Weekly commitment: 2-3 hours

Your role: One-on-One Reading Tutors

When: Evening classes and/or 1:1 phone appointments with student

Additional Requirement: Attend Online Barton Training (6 hours each level)

Time commitment: On call for 1-2 hours a month

Your role: One-on-One writing help and mentoring for a student at a convenient time for both of you

Additional Requirement: Cultural Competency Training

Time commitment: Periodic support for scheduled events

Your role: Bundle and distribute books. These events may be outside and in person, but may also be remote

Additional Requirement: None

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