Global Village Team Member Application Form

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Personal Details

Passport Details
The purpose of collecting this information is to enable Habitat Ireland to book travel arrangements on your behalf. We will hold this information securely until after you have returned from your international volunteering.

NB: For some countries, your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond departure date. You will be required to give a copy of photo ID page with application

Once confirmed on a team, each participant will receive a Habitat T-shirt as part of their orientation pack. Please select size and colour preference which we will endeaveour to accommodate.

General Details

This question is optional and asked solely for church relations development

Medical Details (Confidential)
Disclosure of your medical details does not necessarily prevent you from participating on an International Volunteering team. Any hospital or medical practicioner not having
access to your medical history may need the infomation you provide. These details will be confidential and only seen by your team leader, designated team medic and appropriate Habitat Ireland staff. This will be held securely for 5 years after your trip.
Work assignment may be physically strenuous and emotionally challenging. You should consult your doctor about joining a particular team. Please note that participants over 70 years of age, those having sought medical attention recently or those who answered yes to any of the medical questions may be required to submit written permission from their doctor.

It is important that you inform Habitat of any prolonged illness or injury that occurs AFTER you have applied and before your date of departure
Emergency Contact Information
Next of Kin

Doctor's Details

Disclosure of details of any prosecutions or pending prosecutions does not necessarily prevent you from volunteering from Habitat Ireland. These details will be confidential and only seen by appropriate Habitat Ireland staff. The role may involve working alongside minors and vulnerable adults and we therefore need to ensure that you would be suitable for this role. Information will be held securely for 1 year after volunteering with Habitat has ended.

Gift Aid
You can boost any personal contributions by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate. Gift Aid is reclaimed by Habitat Ireland from the tax you pay for the current tax year. In order to Gift Aid your donation your must tick the 'yes' box below.

Charitable Donation Scheme
If you donate €250 or more to a registered charity, they can claim tax relief through the Charitable Donation Scheme at no cost to the donor. Donors just need to complete a CHY 3 form.

Data Protection
Habitat Ireland will hold the content of this application on file but will not release the information to any third party (Details will be shared with the team leaders). You can view our privacy policy at

From time to time we would like to keep you updated about how your support is making a difference to our vital work on tackling poverty housing. Please specify your contact preferences below. You can change your preferences at any time, just email or phone +44 2892 635635/+353 1531 0033

During the time you volunteer with Habitat, photographs/video may be taken for general Habitat Ireland promotional purposes to include internal and external publications and websites (eg Habitat Ireland website, Facebook etc). Habitat Ireland retain all rights, title and interest in such photography and media made.


Thank you for completing the application form. 

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact us at or contact us on +44 2892 635635 

Many thanks, 

The Habitat Ireland Team