New Museum

Workshop for Educators: Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 4:30-6:00PM  

Designed for K-12 educators, this program will highlight and contextualize works in the exhibition, "Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America," with both historic and contemporary social movements, and artists’ concerns today. The workshop will focus on how educators can employ art to create a culturally responsive environment, one that acknowledges students’ lived experiences, while addressing difficult social realities. Art will be explored as a site for reckoning with social, historical, political, and emotional truths of white supremacy and as creative expression that honors Black life and grief. Registration required.  

In conjunction with the New Museum’s exhibition “Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America,” the New Museum is honored to host a series of artist conversations highlighting the myriad of artistic practices presented in this exhibition. 

Thank you for your interest, this conversation will be presented via Zoom. You will receive a link to view the week of the program.

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