Hospitality Worker Emergency Relief Assistance Application

City of Seatte and Wellspring Family Services

The City of Seattle has partnered with Wellspring Family Services to provide one-time cash assistance to help meet the basic needs of workers in the hospitality industry impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Please check eligibility guidelines before filling out this applicationApplication closes on February 15, 2021.


Privacy Policy 

I understand that my records are confidential and protected by Federal and State Confidentiality Regulations and that information cannot be disclosed without my prior written consent unless otherwise provided for in the Regulations. Wellspring is committed to serve and recognizes that protecting that privacy and safety is essential to ensuring trust and future participation for applicants. All Hospitality Worker Emergency Relief Assistance applicants will be reviewed by Wellspring Staff and the City of Seattle for any auditing but will not be released for outside entities.

Household Information

What was your last resident address you lived at in 2020?

Income/ Award Information

If approved for one-time assistance through this program, what is the best address to send your payment?

Hospitality Job Information

Additional Census Information