Community Care Grant

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Grant Overview

The Banfield Foundation believes all pets deserve access to veterinary care, whether their owners are able to afford it or not. To make veterinary care possible for pets in need, our Community Care Grants support nonprofit organizations that deliver care to owned pets through their own on-site clinic, mobile clinic, or pop-up clinic. By helping vulnerable pet owners access affordable veterinary care, our goal is to keep pets happy, healthy, and in their existing homes for years to come. 

Eligible programs:

Organizations must have their own veterinarian and veterinary professionals on staff, or must contract with or work with volunteer professionals. Our funds may be used for the direct cost of medications, drugs, vaccines, and medical supplies. The intent of your program must be to help vulnerable or low-income pet owners who may not otherwise be able to access or afford veterinary care for their pets, but you do not necessarily need to screen for income eligibility.

We cannot fund:

This grant is unable to support care for adoptable pets, feral animals, livestock or wildlife, and cannot fund voucher programs or care at for-profit practices. No funds may be used for wages, overhead, or marketing, or routine spay/neuter. The intent of your program must not be to generate revenue for your organization.

If you have questions, or if you have not yet held a clinic but are organized and confident in your ability to do so, please email

Primary Contact Person

Organization Information


Clinic Information

Clinic Narrative

Describe your clinics and how you deliver care to owned pets in your community. Please copy, paste, and be sure to respond to each of the following:
  1. General information about your organization and your various programs.
  2. Describe the program through which you deliver care to owned pets in your community, including whether care is provided at your on-site clinic, mobile, or through pop-up clinics.
  3. How do you sustain ongoing costs of your clinics?
  4. How long have you been providing veterinary care for owned pets in the community?
  5. Describe your team of veterinary professionals dedicated to this program, including your veterinarian(s).
  6. How often do you provide care to owned pets? 
  7. What types of care do you provide? Preventive care and vaccines, treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, or all care including urgent?
  8. Describe the pet owners you assist, including generally why they are unable to access or afford veterinary care.
  9. Do you require owners to pay any amount? Do you require them to demonstrate financial need?
  10. How do you promote your program to pet owners in need?
  11. Exactly what would our funds support? How many clinic days would this cover? How many pets do you estimate you'll be able to help with our funding?
  12. Describe your plan for evaluating the impact of your clinics on owned pets and on your organization. Do you follow up with pet owners? Are fewer pets relinquished due to your program?
  13. Will you be collaborating with other organizations? If so please list.
  14. Are you in need of any First Shield dog or cat flea (not tick) preventive to give to pet owners at no cost to them? If so, please list sizes you would need for six months for:
  • Cat 0-9 lbs
  • Cat 9+ lbs
  • Dog 2.5 - 10 lbs
  • Dog 11 - 20 lbs
  • Dog 21 - 55 lbs
  • Dog 56 - 100 lbs
All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your PDF files at a free resource such as
Program Budget

Please attach the following information either as separate pages or tabs in one document, or as separate uploaded documents. If you are uploading multiple documents, please select "Add another response" below.
  1. A detailed budget for the clinic(s) for which you are requesting funding. It is assumed that these costs mirror your answer to 11. above.
  2. Excluding prescription drugs, what are your five most expensive medications, vaccines, tests, or supplies? Please identify per unit cost.
All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as
IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter or Letter 4076C
If you are a governmental organization and not a 501(c)(3), your Letter 4076C describes your status as a tax-exempt organization.
Other Attachments
If you have any other attachments that you would like to add (e.g. full organizational budget, references from organizations with whom you collaborate, news and PR, or photos) please attach them below. If you have more than one file to attach please select 'Add another response.'
All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as