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Commissioning of this programme has come to an end. We are currently awaiting a decision on whether this service will be recommissioned. We are unable to receive new referrals until then.

All one to one support referrals for 2022-2023 for this area have now been received. However, you can refer carers for Kinship Membership Advice support by continuing this form. A referral for Kinship Connected will not be received by a project worker.
Please note only carers with a Special Guardianship or Child Arrangement Order are eligible for support on our Kinship Connected Programme however they can be supported via Advice for which a case will be created
Please select the option Kinship Connected Islington on Name of Programme as this carer has a Special Guardianship Order.
Kinship Connected is not currently available in this area. However, you can contact our advice service for support via our online form or on 0300 123 7015.

Please use the link above or call us and do not continue with the form.
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