Broken to Brilliant

Broken to Brilliant: Building Better Entrepreneurs with Mental Health Science  
February 10th, 11:30 AM - 1 PM (ET), Interactive Zoom Session
Facilitated by: Aaron Houghton, Founders First

Entrepreneurs are in crisis. We know the stress we endure damages our minds and bodies. But what does it ultimately cost? Find the answer for yourself and learn from your peers. We'll show you how to supercharge your personal health and performance into a force for success using modern mental health science.

During the workshop we'll talk about stress and get honest about what's at risk. I'll share the $7 billion mistake I made as an entrepreneur. You'll then receive a daily practice and accompanying app you can use to guide your journey to health, happiness and more as an entrepreneur.

This workshop is intended for entrepreneurial company founders. Please RSVP below! 
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